Generally USB connections to Windows computers are set up at the time of connection. Under the hood with Windows, a usb network driver needs to be installed (RNDIS for the technically minded). With Windows Vista, Win7 and Win8, if you are connected to the internet proper when you first plug your Blackeye camera into a usb port, then the driver will generally install itself automatically, although it may take a few moments.

Hint: each time you connect your Blackeye camera via usb, it pays to use the same usb port else the driver needs to be installed for each usb port. This is not necessarily a problem, but may be a bit of a surprise if you think you’ve already installed it.

With Windows XP, you generally need to tell your computer exactly what to do. Please download the WinXP instructions here (Blackeye2 USB driver for Windows XP), and you may also need this driver setup file BE2dotinf. For download purposes this file is named BE2dotinf.txt. Once downloaded, rename this file as BE2.inf. (The reason is that sometimes .inf files can be malicious and many email systems and webtools block them). You can also go to the Microsoft website here and copy the appropriate RNDIS template directly.

With Macintosh and Linux computers, usb connection is automatic.


If you need to connect over usb using WinVista or Win7 and it doesn’t seem to connect, then you can use the manual driver install instructions in these helpfiles:-