Using Blackeye cameras

There are aspects to using Blackeye cameras. The first is setting the camera up, and the second is deployment. Blackeye cameras are self contained recording cameras, designed to work where there is no other infrastructure, and as such, when deploying in the field it is usually just enough to simply switch it on and walk away. It will then work according to its programmed settings.

To change those settings, you need to have the camera in connected mode, which really just means that it is connected to a host computer such as a notebook, or tablet computer, or even a smartphone. There is no software to install on the host computer, just point your web browser at the webserver built into the camera by using these web addresses:-

via usb
via wifi

To use the wifi connection you must first connect to the Blackeye camera wifi link – this is exactly like connecting to a wifi link at an internet cafe. The password is supplied with the camera, and if you like, you can change this wifi password by connecting directly to the camera over the usb link.

User instructions are actually built into the camera, and once you have connected with your web browser, you can access the user instructions by simply clicking on the ‘i’ logo.

When the camera is in connected mode, you change change the photo rate, browse and analyse recorded image sessions, synchronise the internal clock, and change some of the operating features like triggering and zone of interest.