Wildlife Research

What differentiates Blackeye cameras for wildlife and predation studies, is that it records everything and doesn’t have to rely on a thermal infrared trigger and the associated camera start up delays. If it happens in front of a Blackeye camera, it will be recorded!

Sustained operation is very possible with Blackeye cameras, with up to a month or more with an external 12V battery.

For example, with a 128GB memory card, and using half size images at 2 frames per second, gives a continuous endurance of well over a month.

Using our special ‘image processing triggering’ where we capture the pretrigger events as well, the memory endurance is considerably increased. Image processing based triggering means there is no photography delay when triggered, in fact, the events leading up to the trigger moment are also recorded.

Wifi helps with monitoring, as the camera can be checked from a wifi capable smartphone, tablet or notebookPC, without having to physically connect to the camera. No internet required, this is just a point to point wifi connection, and that means the camera can be checked without disturbing sensitive wildlife locations such as nests and burrows.

Blackeye2W camera features:-

    • quickly and easily deployable – no wires or network setups, just put the camera out at the end of the day, and pick it up in the morning.
    • everything is recorded, but you only need to review if something has happened. No downloads or tricky fiddling with SD cards.
    • weatherproof – you can place the camera wherever you like.
    • night vision – automatic switching to night vision, with auto night vision exposure, gives you the best chance of getting the photos you need.
    • simple and fast analysis – if something has happened during the night or weekend you can find the photos of interest very quickly using the image activity timeline¬†and the fast photo browser – photos are browsed directly off the camera, and once again, this means no tricky downloads or fiddling with SD cards.