Traffic Survey

The Blackeye2T traffic survey camera is adapted specifically to traffic studies. It has up to 12 hrs recording capability at 12.5 frames/second, and is optimised to photograph number plates day and night, and to a quality suitable for subsequent processing by lpr software.

Features include:-

    • high intensity 850nm infrared illumination, for clear number plate photos, day and night.
    • scheduling, so that study times can be set in advance of deployment.
    • global snap image sensor that freezes the number plate photo without the shear distortion that happens with moving objects and a rolling shutter image sensor.
    • sunshade to give best chance of good photos in variable lighting and sun angle situations.
    • local wifi web server in the camera so that the photo composition can be checked in situ from a tablet or smartphone, by simply connecting via wifi and using a web browser.