Site Security

Blackeye cameras are well suited for site security, such as construction sites, open yards, locked forestry gates. In fact anywhere, where you need a discrete and easily deployable security camera to keep an eye on things.

Here are some of the features that make Blackeye cameras very suitable for site security:-

    • quickly and easily deployable – no wires or network setups, just put the camera out at the end of the day, and pick it up in the morning.
    • everything is recorded, but you only need to review if something has happened. No downloads or tricky fiddling with SD cards.
    • weatherproof – you can place the camera wherever you like.
    • night vision – automatic switching to night vision, with auto night vision exposure, gives you the best chance of getting the photos you need.
    • simple and fast analysis – if something has happened during the night or weekend you can find the photos of interest very quickly using the image activity timelineĀ and the fast photo browser – photos are browsed directly off the camera, and once again this means no tricky downloads or fiddling with SD cards.