Rural Security

Blackeye cameras have been designed for farm and rural security. These are often remote places without power or internet. To meet the requirements for rural and farm security, Blackeye cameras have to be fast and easy to deploy, as well as very easy to analyse. Our view was that if nothing has happened, then you don’t need to do anything on the camera – just recharge and redeploy. Busy farmers and other rural workers don’t have time to fiddle with SD cards, or to spend hours analysing image streams. Blackeye cameras have all these tools on board, so, if you notice that something has happened and you want to review the image stream, then this can simply be done with a web browser over the wifi link to the camera. Onboard analysis of imagery, which is done right at the time the photo is taken, helps you find when the activity was and the associated images. When setting up the camera, the user can easily set up a ‘zone of interest’ such as a gate, and the Blackeye camera will just note image activity within that zone to help you rapidly find the images of interest among tens of thousands of recorded photos.

Blackeye2NP – rural security camera with number plate mode

    • uses number plate mode and second photo stream to capture number plates when vehicles are suspected in a security problem – standard night vision cameras cannot photograph number plates
    • only need to check the image stream when a problem is suspected, and this can easily be done via a point to point wifi connection to the camera, without disclosing the camera location
    • on board image analysis means that very large image archives, easily over 100,000 images, can be quickly and easily checked and often the activity of interest can be found in a few minutes
    • weatherproof, small and self contained – the Blackeye2NP is designed specifically for this application