Blackeye Cameras

Having any of these problems?

  • Stock theft
  • Vandalism
  • Fuel theft
  • Farm and general trespass
  • Theft from construction sites
  • Poaching
  • Vehicle break-ins at remote parking areas
  • Freecamping
  • Illegal rubbish dumping

Want to study any of these?

  • Traffic Survey
  • Wildlife Predation
  • Rare photo opportunities
  • Compliance

Consider Blackeye Cameras

Blackeye cameras are great for studying stuff! That is because Blackeye cameras record everything that happens in front of the camera, and they can do that for a very long time.

The Blackeye camera system is uniquely designed to do more than just take photos. Although Blackeye cameras can take and store millions of photos, they are also designed to provide the on-camera tools to search and find the photos of interest – quickly, and easily. This is because Blackeye cameras are smart cameras. Attributes about each image are calculated and stored every time a photo is taken.

Camera operation is simple with no special software – you only need a web browser on a PC, tablet, or smartphone to operate a Blackeye camera.

Image analysis and fast image browsing directly off the camera allow for quick review and re-deployment with no need to download or transfer files with fiddly SD cards.

With 5V, 12V or solar panel operation, these versatile cameras can be deployed for long periods, and with up to 128GB storage, up to an incredible whole month of continuous storage at 1 fps is possible – or even longer with scheduled operation.

The camera itself is small,rugged and discrete, and with built-in wifi, you can check up on the camera without giving its location away, or disturbing wildlife.